Interface Golf Society teed-off in 1991, and was formed as a works Society. However it now includes workmates, ex-employees, family and friends. Fun filled competitions, player friendly handicaps, and the odd cowboy!! But who cares so long as they get caught. Monthly outings run from March - October, and we finish the year with the Weekend Away. It is said you need a straight iron and thick skin to enjoy all the Society has to offer. This is enjoyable golf for all levels of ability. Join the team if you dare!!

AGM Agreements

  • Fees for the year will be £30, and are to be paid on or before the second outing. You can pay this in 2 installments.
  • Captain is Ronan Grimley and vice is Paul Byrne. We wish them a good year.
  • Secretary is Michael Williamson and Treasurer is Jim Burns.
  • Michael will continue to be Secretary and organise the outings (as always), as he couldn't get anyone to take it on!
  • Handicaps and Competition card marking will be a shared responsibility between Owen Callaghan Snr and Seamus McCann.
  • Handicaps will be adjusted both up and downwards after each outing, at the discretion of the handicapers!
  • Player of the Year will be the best 8 scores out of 10 outings. The weekend away is equivilant to 2 outings.
  • The Captain and Vice-Captain are responsible for getting the prizes.
  • If you do not wear your Interface Golf t-shirt to an outing, you will be cut 1 shot and fined £1.
  • It is important that in joining the society to play as many outings as possible. When courses are booked we have to commit to a number of people.
  • If you miss 2 outings: for every outing after that you will be cut 1 shot.
  • Enjoy the game and Good Luck!!